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What we offer

Penetration testing

Most of all websites in the world are vulnarable, in other words, can be accessable by other persons which are not allowed to access by default. If you think about security and afraid to loose confidental data ,then there is always not too late to check if your system also has unsecured paths. Our pentesters will help you to detect all possible vulnerabilities on your website or other system which has access to internet. Please take a look on our penetration testing offers.

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Website optimisation

Website optimisation

If your website is loading more than 3 seconds, than in most of cases your website is too slow. Almost all visitors, except some crazy people, do not love to wait while websites page is slowly getting loaded and at the end finally shows its content. We know that there definately is a way than we can optimise your website to run it more quickly and smoothly. If you think same, click on link below and take a look on our offer.

Website optimisation

Web development

We are ready to help you get your business online! Get in touch with us to discuss your idea and how we will able to help you with it.

web development

About us

We are young team, which:

  • has an innovative approach to business
  • is ready to set difficult tasks for itself and successfully solve them
  • respects and appreciates the opinion and time of the client
  • is always open to suggestions

Our Blog

Latest news, tips and best practices.

What need to know about the Internet Of Things security

By Alex B. Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to objects that automatically send and receive data over the Internet. Consulting firm Gartner estimates that this year we will have some 9,000,000,000 (nine billion) of “things” connected to the Internet. A third of them will be used by companies, and the rest by households and governments to manage […]

All that you should know about Virtual Identity Security in 2020

By Alex B. Security

Internet security is all those precautions that need to protect all the elements that are part of the network, such as infrastructure and information, the most affected by cybercriminals. 3 Internet security areas most affected by cybercriminals: Social networks A social network is a structure capable of communicating people or institutions with each other. Through […]

How hackers can attack your laptop with USB stick

By Alex B. Security

The other day a coworker told me about one of the new techniques that current hackers are using. It turns out that they keep a “harmful hacker file” on a USB stick and leave it “forgotten” on the street. USB flash drives have become a fundamental tool for anyone in their day-to-day work. Their lower […]

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