All that you should know about Virtual Identity Security in 2020

April 4, 2020

Internet security is all those precautions that need to protect all the elements that are part of the network, such as infrastructure and information, the most affected by cybercriminals.

3 Internet security areas most affected by cybercriminals:

Social networks

A social network is a structure capable of communicating people or institutions with each other. Through the Internet, they can establish relationships that create groups or communities with common interests. Social networks provide unlimited contact and in real-time.


Abusive use
Misuse of your photos
Perhaps sexual or Grooming
Identity fraud


Use strong passwords
Do not accept friend requests from strangers
Use caution when using a shared computer
Setup additinal tools to manage security

Use of personal data

Exposure of Personal Data. When registering on a web page, on a social network or when chatting, children and adolescents enter and give personal data such as full name, age, telephone number, home address, a school where they study, send images and personal information.


Data loss
Information reaching strangers
Young people are more exposed to hackers
Ease of tracking


Choose strong passwords
Don’t trust strangers
Close all your sessions
Clean the browser

Download information

The term download is frequently used to obtain content through an Internet connection, where a remote server receives data that is accessed by clients through specific applications, such as browsers. Access to any information on the Internet (for example, a web page) is carried out by downloading before its content (text, images, etc.)


Spam risks (spam)
Unsolicited advertising
Damage to your computer
Loss of possessions


Browse with caution and intelligence
Check the download site
To the greatest extent possible download from the official site

Pro tip – Start using of antivirus softwares

Antiviruses software designed to provide maximum protection against the potential dangers that a person may face while browsing the Internet. These programs do their job by identifying dangerous security threats that can compromise the operation of a computer.


Information security and computer security is a discipline that is responsible for protecting the integrity and privacy of the information stored in a computer system. A computer system can be protected from a logical point of view (with the development of software or physical. Learning, understanding, and adopting more appropriate knowledge and tools help you and your business keep away from cybercriminals.  

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