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October 12, 2019

To somehow introduce ourselves we will tell why we decided to name our self like – web salutem.

The main idea of our future/present business was born relatively recently, when we, worked as employed web programmers, started to increasingly confronted with a mess in the web space and with avid guys who want to influence the work of well working web services. We realized that we need to completely change the approach to our business, as a result not deploy/publish in to the net new cool web service as quickly as possible (as most of all web developers in the world do), which once again will ease the lives of thousands of people and delight customers with their revenue, but concentrate on what is already deployed/exist and make it work flawlessly and safely.

So, what does this word mean that forms the basis of our name?

We took our vector to the side of web space security, and as you might have guessed, the word ‘salutem’ has the most direct meaning for this. This beautiful word has its roots in Latin and means “security”. Accordingly, our full name means security in the web. This is what we do and will do.

If you have any questions or offers, please feel fry to touch with us. We are open.

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